My Goal Setting Journey

May 18, 2017

At the beginning of every year I go over all my big, long-term goals, and review how much progress I’ve made. This year was like any other in that regard, except that I found I had actually accomplished more than I thought. “Doing things the hard way” in the past had left me with about a 10% completion rate, so this had come as a nice surprise.

Anyway, I had completed enough music to put together an album (demo here), I officially launched my first app, and I made some progress in the spiritual and emotional areas of my life. I set out to create some new goals and amend some of my long standing goals, but I found it difficult to track down where I wrote them. Some of them I had written down on paper, others I put in Evernote or Wunderlist. As I was going through all of these goals, vision boards, and notes, I remembered a project I had set out to do a long time ago. I wondered if anyone had built something similar to it and did some research. What I found was astounding—a lot of people and companies have tried to solve the goal setting problem, but none of them have seemed to accomplish it.

Some apps, like Strides are trying to do it all. They have a template for every type of goal you could imagine. They have metrics to show you how you are progressing. They reward you for doing what you set out to do with badges and coins. Other apps are coming at it from a different angle. They don’t care much about what your goals are. They are more concerned with your day to day activities–or habits. Habit trackers remind you when you should be drinking water, going for a walk, or to stay away from something like Facebook or email. That’s all great. Really. But, it’s not what I want. I just want something simple to keep a record and maybe help hold me accountable to my goals, but not get in the way of creating or reviewing them. I don’t need all that other stuff.

When I set out to create CurrentRoute a few years back (like 6), I didn’t really know how to build an app. I started by designing this monster that looked a lot like Strides or Lifetick. It was massive, with all the bells and whistles. I even built a prototype. After working on it for months and having a huge app that didn’t work very well, I gave up and resigned to the possibility that it may never happen. Fast forward a few years, and after gaining a ton of real world experience building software, I decided it was time to take another shot at cracking the goal app challenge.

So, after a few months of planning and developing, I have the first iteration of CurrentRoute available to try. It’s simple, just how I like it. I don’t use a lot of apps but the ones I do use, I use almost every day. I take notes and create tasks in different apps and try to make everything work toward accomplishing my goals. It’d be nice if I could do all that in one place.

What is CurrentRoute?

It’s an organized, yet simple way of setting goals. We all play different roles in our life and CurrentRoute has, by default, created four roles for you. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Every goal in CurrentRoute is grouped by on of those roles. When you create a goal you have the option of adding strategy, due date, list of objectives—what you want to get out of accomplishing the goal, tactics—more specific on how you will accomplish it, tasks—things you need to do to accomplish it, and notes.

Once you’ve created a goal, you can see a list of your goals in each one of the roles screens. If you ever need to go back to a goal to edit it or review it, you can easily do that by clicking on the goal.

Check out a demo:

What’s in Store for the Future?

There are several features I’ll be adding in the near future to help people stay on track with their goals, like reminders, being able to add due dates to tasks, and an innovative way of holding you accountable. Sign up to be a Beta Tester and help shape the future of CurrentRoute by submitting feature requests and valuable feedback. If you want to learn more, feel free to hit me up at